Important Dates

  1. Deposit Payroll Tax

    September 16
  2. Corporations Estimated Tax

    September 16

2019 Refunds Processed $955,876
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Latest Tips

Estimated Tax Penalty Tax Tip

If you paid an estimated tax penalty because you paid less than 90% of your tax due, the IRS is waiving the penalty automatically. If you paid the penalty before the threshold was lowered to 85% then … [Read More...]

Tax Reform and Divorce

The rules regarding alimony changed this year. If you were divorced in 2019, alimony is no longer taxable income to the recipient, and is no longer deductible by the payor. This could have a huge … [Read More...]

Making Home Improvements

Rules for deducting interest on home equity debt Homeowners can deduct interest paid on home equity loans or home equity lines of credit if they use the loan proceeds for making home improvements. … [Read More...]

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Hammer’s Transmission

Hammer’s Transmission and Auto Repair is located at 519 West 8th Street in Jamestown, NY. Although we have only been in business a short time, we have over 35 years of experience. We specialize in … Read More +